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Red Banded Trocus Snail

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RRA loves these awesome snails. In our opinion, these guys are the best snails you can put in any reef aquarium. Not only are they ferocious eaters of film and hair algae, they have also been observed consuming red cyanobacteria. When these snails fall off rocks, they are one of the few species that can flip themselves back over without assistance. As a general rule, you can keep one snail for every two to three gallons of aquarium water. The Red Banded Trochus Snail is very peaceful and because of its shell shape, it is not easily eaten by crabs. Like other invertebrates,they are sensitive to high nitrate levels and intolerant of copper-based medications. It requires a gradual acclimation process, preferably the drip acclimation method. If food levels are insufficient in your aquarium, supplement their diet with dried seaweed. 

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